Care and Washing Cashmere


Care and Washing Cashmere


In addition to being prized and soft, Cashmere is also the most resistant fabric, and if properly maintained can last for decades. Follow these simple rules we recommend.

Care and Washing Cashmere

Hand washing is preferable not higher than 30 ° C, being a delicate fabric, too hot water will tend to shrink the garment. Add a little high quality soap to the water, specific for this type of fabric. Immerse the Cashmere garment inside out in the water for no more than 10 minutes.
Without rubbing the fabric, rinse with warm water. Do not wring the garment as it may lose its original shape.
Once the garment is out of the water, gently roll it up in a clean towel to remove excess water. To dry the garment, you can place it on another towel away from heat sources. Do not hang it as the texture may distort.
Once dry, fold it and store it in the wardrobe. It is a good idea to let the garment rest at least twenty-four hours before wearing it again.


Cashmere is a fine textile fiber, formed with Hircus Goat hair. Its name comes from Kashmir, a historical region currently divided between India, Pakistan and China, from where it was exported to Europe since the early nineteenth century. Walking through the boundless glades of Mongolia, where sometimes neither humans nor animals meet for days, it is difficult to think of being in one of the richest countries in the world in the production of the precious fiber. In fact, Mongolia is considered, after China, the second largest producer of Cashmere in the world. Mongolian cashmere also benefits from an all natural peculiarity; the very severe winters force the goats living in Mongolia to develop a stronger and longer fiber than the “cousins” living in other Asian countries. Since the Cashmere fiber is longer and more precious, the Mongolian one acquires by right the title of the most precious Cashmere in the world, with a fiber length that reaches 43 millimeters against 35 for the Chinese one. The quality of the fiber is however very different depending on the animal that produced it, and also on its age: the younger it is, the finer it is.

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